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Imagine a workplace where people are engaged, growing and retained.

Growe builds an empowered and engaged organization by helping employees connect and skill up in the needs of your business.

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Skilling, Simplified.

Discover a seamless experience in Upskilling your Organization.


Our platform aggregates the key skills of your organization and identifies opportunities to upskill employees to match the business needs.


High potential employees are matched at scale with our AI based algorithms to mentors who can help develop the skills needed at the next level.


Our Mentor platform with real time task management and progress reporting makes measuring and learning simple, rewarding and scalable for employees.


Our analytics gives you a pulse in the skills of your company and insights on employees ready to deploy to reinvent the future of your business .


Company Benefits

Directed Learning
Understand your organization's skills and direct its skilling towards the needs of your business.

Analytics and Insights

Get insights on individual and aggregate skills and make help employees take up the next challenge.

Analytics and Insights

Get insights and analytics on skills, learning and development of talent within the organization.

Efficient and Upskilled employees

Have a reinvented workforce ready to take on the next challenges your business face.

We build trust with our clients and partners


Our customers love us

Dr. S.K. Mahapatra

Director, Jaipuria School of Business

We, at Jaipuria School of Business, are extremely happy to have in our Institution for building right mentor- mentee learning platform.
This AI/ML driven model is unique and users are happy with its simplicity to use. New paradigms of agenda based self-learning can be taken care of very well with offerings and it also generates a positive connect and relations between learning pair which they can stay connected even in future. We are proud to be part of the learning journey with and see evolution of EdTech in our country.

Mr. Abhishek Kumar

Dy. General Manager (HRD), J.K. Paper Ltd

With its scalable technology platform, this “Mentoring App” has the potential to drive the key learning metrics of any business enterprise to build a high performance culture and sustainable people development program.
I saw it as an innovative HR technology platform for formal and informal learning in the organization.
I recommend to enterprises who are providing self-learning and continual skill development opportunities to its growing talent need.

Mr. Jetender Pal Singh

AVP HR, Rockman Industries

We have run the mentoring application as a pilot and are happy with the initial results. We feel that this will add value to our R-Lead initiative.